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Boy Scout Troop 319
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ScoutLander Getting Started

1 Registration & Receiving Account



1.    Make sure you have filled out all registration forms and turned them in to the respective Troop Leaders or other designated leader.

2.    Login Details:

a.    During registration, you will provide ONE email address.

b.    Every account has to have its own unique email address as its login ID.  If the Scout (or in our case, spouse as both husband and wife may be utilizing a family email address), then one adult will have to use a different email address, etc.

c.    If we were utilizing the Scout portion and a Scout has his own email, then we can use it as his login, and the parents’/adult’s email address will get assigned to them respectively.


2 Logging In



1.    You should receive an email from ScoutLander welcoming you and providing you with your login and password.  The login ID is the email address, and the password is a computer-generated code that can be CHANGED!  First, let’s login!

2.    In your browser, visit and save as a favorite or bookmark! 

3.    You will notice that on the LEFT hand side, you will see all the Public Pages that can be viewed without logging in.  They contain information that does not need to be protected.

4.    On the top toolbar, there is a Member Login link.  It will take you to the screen where you can enter your provided Login ID (email address) and password.

5.    If you are successful, you will be redirected to the Troop 319 Secure Site.  Now you have access to all features, public and private.

6.    To reiterate, once you login with your email and computer-generated code, you will click on the respective site of Troop 319 Website.

3 Personalization



1.    If you are logged into the Private Site, you can update your profile and change your password.

2.    On the left-hand toolbar, click on My Profile.

3.    From this page you can view all of your current info.  To edit, click on Edit Profile in the top-right corner of the profile.

4.    Change your password and fill in all of the blanks with the most up-to-date information.

5.    If you ever forget your password, the web master ( can be contacted so as to reset your password and you will receive another computer-generated code that you can reset.

    4 Event Calendar



1.    To view all of the meetings and activities, click on Event Calendar in the left-hand toolbar.

2.    You can click on events to see more, and change months to see past and future entries.

3.    EVERY logged in member can add events to the Event Calendar.  If YOU are planning an event, or just notice something missing, just click on Add Event in the top-right of the calendar.

4.    Fill out all the appropriate information, and it has been added.  48-hours BEFORE the event starts, the members listed within ScoutLander will receive an email from ScoutLander reminding everyone of the event.

5.    After the event is over, be sure to attach a photo album to the event!  See section 5 for more details.


   5 Photo Gallery



1.    To view Troop photos, visit the Photo Gallery in the left-hand toolbar.

2.    View the existing photos in the View Photos Tab, and upload your own in the Add Photos tab at the top of the gallery.

3.    Select the event in which the photos were taken, and select Add Photos.

4.    Follow the on screen directions to upload the photos that you like.

  6 Broadcast System



1.    The Broadcast System is a great tool to send messages to a fellow Scouter/adult, a group or select Scouters/adults as chosen, or even the whole Troop.  Just click on the link in the toolbar.

2.    Select the people you would like to send the email to.  Move the names over to the field on the right of you would like to send them the message.

3.    To send to the whole Troop, just click on Add All.

4.    If you would like to attach a link to a certain event in the Event Calendar, then select the corresponding checkboxes.

5.    You can even attach files from your computer!  Just upload them from the Step 3 prompt.

6.    Lastly, fill in the subject field and message box.  If you would like to see how the email would look, clicking Preview will send a draft to your email account.

7.    If you are happy with the turnout of the message, click Send Now.  The recipients will receive the message in their email inboxes without having to visit the website.  It will be sent from your email address, so any replies will be sent to you.


    7 Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a center for information that may have been taught at a Troop/District event, or maybe just some advice that someone would like to share.

2.    You can read “local” articles from Troop 319 if we are able to establish that in the near future, or read entries posted by Scouters all over the world.  It is all searchable in the tool bar, and by clicking on tags.

3.    If you would like to add an article of your own, just click Add New Article in the top right-hand corner of the page.  Just select whether you would like to share with the Troop or the entire Scouting community, and publish the article.


  8 Adult & Scout Search



1.    The Adult Search pages allow you to look up all of  Scouters/adult members.  It is much like an online roster; it is searchable and has the various ways to contact them.

2.    You can even see portraits that are attached to them.  Just select Picture View instead of Icon View in the pull-down menu to switch.