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Boy Scout Troop 319
(La Crescenta, California)
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Enlarging Machine Firing Squad
Give the Frog a Loan Guess My Line on the Toilet
Ice Fishing Invisible Bench - plus Add-Ons
Ole, Champion Tree Climber One Bright Morning
Short Runway Typical Day in New York City
38 Over the Cliff Anyone Else Up There?
At The Movies Banana Bandana
Be Prepared Bear Attack
Bear Warning System Best PickPocket
Blind Horse Brains for Sale
Brains for Sale - Version 2 Branch Manager
Broken Finger Brown Pants
Brownie Pudding Brushing Teeth
Bubblegum Bully Be Gone
Can of Cola Can't Work in the Dark
Cancer Operation Chainsaw
Chicken Farmer Chory of Stinderella
Clean Silverware Clean Socks
Climbing Lightbeam Clock Inspection
Clothes from Eddie Bauer Complaining Monk
Contagious Pregnancy CPR Switch
Crazy Astronomers Crossing the Tracks
Dead Body Dead Parrot
Depressed Reporter Did You See That?
Dirty Socks Dirty Socks - Version 2
Ditch Wreck Dumb Doctor
Echos in the Woods Elevator to Bathrooms
Explain the Joke Fishing Secret
Follow the Tracks Fool's Gold
Fred the Flea Gandhi
George Washington and the Cherry Tree Getting Into Heaven
Good Thing About Christmas Got Any Duck Food?
Gravity Check Great Raisins
Grecian Fountains Guaranteed Parachute
Hair in my Hamburger Hare Restorer
Hey, Sven! Hot Meal
I Ain't Lost I Saw a Bear
Illegal Chickenfarmer Intelligence
Is It Time Yet? Jailhouse Jokes
Jelly Beans Please Let Me Have It
Letters From Home Lighthouse Stairs
Listen! Lone Ranger and Tonto
Lost Bubblegum Lost Quarter
Lottery Lucky Boxer
Magic - Mystic Reader Measuring a Pole
Mechanical Cowboy Mosquito Memories
Musical Toilet Seats My Royal Papers
My Worm Need a Big Jerk
New Fathers No Fishing
Not Enough Parachutes Nuts, the Elephant
Oh What a Goose I Am Olive the Other Reindeer
Olympic Blanket Tossing Team Operation
Out of Film Outrun the Bear
Panda Bear in Restaurant Penguin Soup
Penny Candy Pink Cadillac
Plane Engine Trouble Poopy
Poor Conductor Professor's Address
Pulling and Pushing Rope Puppy In a Box
Quazimoto, the Bell Ringer Raisin Fly
Raking an Invisible Garden Remember the Titanic
Reporter Gets a Story Royal Raisins
Run-aways Sally Ann Ratchet
Sammy Scout Scoutmaster 1.0
Shady Realtor Shakespearean Play
Shut Up and Trouble Sleep Over
Smart Astronaut Snake Bite
Sponge Butt Prank Stealing Boxes
Stiff Neck Tag
Taking My Case to Court Talking Trash
Tates Compass Lesson Telling the Time
The Audition The Psychic
Throwing Little Stones Ticket Line
Tie In the Desert Trained Caterpillar
Two Suckers On a Stick Ugliest Man in the World
Ugly Baby Walk On Selections
Washing Ears Water Vending Machine
Water's water Water, Water
We Have No Skit What Kind of Tracks?
Who's the Scoutmaster? Why Are You Late?
World Record Spitter Worst Breath
Worst Criminal Scout Soap
Yaputcha You Don't Say
Zambolo - Foot Fortune Teller


Fun and Physical Activities

Anti-Gravity Tent Pole Brain Bender - Water Jugs
Candle Duel Chinese Numbers
Evolution Marshmallow Kick, Throw, and Blow
Uncle Zeb's Lost Treasure Walking on Mars
Webelos Puzzles Alligator Pit Crossing
Arm Wrestle Co-op Around Town
Ball Horde Balloon Artists
Balloon Bed Balloon Juggling
Balloon Olympics Balloon Symphony
Balsawood Airplanes Bid, Barter, Build
Blind Knots Bomb Squad
Bomb the Flame Bombs and Shields
Bowline Flood Rescue Bowline Race
Bowline Sheetbend Trust Lean Bull Riders
Bungee in the Bucket Campsite Rescue
Can Store Compass Candy Grab Bag
Card Swap Centipede Crawl
Chain Gang Escape Chair Building - Teamwork
Chariot Races Choose the Bucket
Citizenship Mobile Clove Hitch on a Tree
Collecting Sasquatch Fur Compass Point Exchange
Copycat Collection Count to 10
Count Up Scavenger Hunt Coup Sticks
Critter Creations Dark Walkers
Deal or No Deal Double Juggle
Electric Jail Break-Out Escaped Convicts
Everybody Up Falcon Island Rescue
Family Feud Feed Me
Feet In Finding A to Z
Fire Building, String Burning, Water Boiling Fire Transfer
Follow the Light Frisbee Bridge
Get to Know You - Cover Up Get to Know You - Nuts and Bolts
Get to Know You - Truth or Lie GillyWump Campsite
Glued Feet Race Going Camping
Gold Rush Grab My Stuff
Great Investments Group Counting
Group Drawing Group Juggling
Group Jump Rope Group Morph
Group Push Up Group Sculpture
Guess a Minute Hand Slap
Heads or Tails Hike Healing Ground
Height, Width, Direction Estimation Hidden Route
High Low Hole in my Pack
Human Bomb Squad Human Ladder
Human Pyramid Human Rain Storm
Human Robot Human Spring
Hunting Elephants Ice Rescue
Imagine That Indoor Miniature Golf
Invisible Maze Its My Lucky Day
Jimmy Jimmy Jumping Bean Relay
Keep Away Keypad Scramble
Kim's Knot Trail Knight Errantry
Knot or Not Know Your Leaf
Ladder Lashing Lashing Grab Bag
Lashing Travois Races Lava Walkers
Leaky Water Barrel Licorice Knots
Lifeline Throw Light It Up
Lint Lighting Relay Log Convoy
Log Lift Lotsa Knots
Magnified Movements Map Making
Medicine Pouches Micro Cooking
Mimic Mixed Up Questions
Nano Nature Trail Newspaper Architects
Nine Magazines Nitro Swing
Pancake Relay Paper Shuffle
Pass the Bead Pass the Message
Passing Race Patrol Coup Sticks
Patrol Spirit Competition Patrol Staff
Pitching Pennies Pocket Rope
Point North Police the Site
Pooh Sticks Pretzel Lashing
Psychic Hand Shake Pull Your Weight
Quartermaster's Shakedown Quick Intelligence Test
Radioactive Isotope Transport Radioactive Transport
Reactor Transporter Recipe Treasure Hunt
Reinforcements On the Way Retrieve the Secret Message
Reverse-o Ring on a String
Ring on a String - Giant Size Rock, Paper, Scissors Hike
Rope March Rope Shapes
Sand Art Save the Dinosaur Egg
Scout Baseball Scout Bucks Auction
Scout Meets Scout Scout Skills Jeopardy
Scoutmaster Stalking Scoutorama
Secret Good Deed Signal Race
Signs Up Skin the Snake
Skyscrapers Snow Snakes
Sock Puppets Soda Pop Detectives
Sort Em Out Space Invaders
Space Rescue Spider Web
Spy Stalking Stalking and Reporting
Suspend a Log Taut-line Hitch
Telephone and Bullhorn Telephone Pole Shuffle
Tiger Neckerchief Slide Tightrope Walk
Tin Soldiers Tiny Tea Time
Touch It, Not Me Touch Stick
Trade Up Trail to the Treasure
Trailing the Hare Tripod Swing Lashing
Trivial Pursuit Trolley Shuffle
Troop Fitness Challenge UnRavel the Group
Wacky Animals Warp Speed
Wax Firestarters Weird Noise Makers
Wet Penny Who Am I?
Who Said That?


Boy Scout Group Games

500 Banged Up Benny
British Bulldog Bucket Ball
First Class Relay Greased Watermelon
Hunker Down Last Match
Pinguard Rooster Fights
Spud 4 Square
4 Way Tug-o-War Ace-King-Queen
Aerobic Tag Alien Treasure
All Aboard Alphabet Bag
Arm Knockout Arm Wrestling
Arm-Sling Relay Back Lift
Backpack Packing Ball of String Relay
Ball Scramble Ball Toss Relay
Balloon Hanging Balloon Hot Potato
Balloon Monster Balloon Stomp
Balloons Aloft Bandage a Buddy
Barnga Base Attack
Bat Ball Beachball Ballyhoo
Benchball Bicycle Races
Birds of a Feather Bizz Buzz
Blind Balloon Volleyball Blind Observations
Blind Referee Blob Tag
Bogus Baseball Bubble Gum Relay
Build It Can Stack
Candle Relay Candy Dice
Canoes and Compasses Capture the Flag
Capture the Fort Catch 10
Catch Up Chain Gang Escape
Chicken Run Clothespin Tag
Clue Code Relay
Collection of Silly Races Compass & Map Relay
Compass Reading Complicated Tag
Conquer Liechtenstein Counting Coup
Crab Fights Crabs, Crows, and Cranes
Crack the Cracker Crocodile
Dissolving Necklaces Ditchem
DodgeBall in a Circle Duck the Staff
Dungeon BreakOut Execution Dodgeball
Exercise Relay Famous Visitor
Fight for Attention Fire Brigade
First Aid Relays Fishing for Mousetraps
Fist Ball Fitness Relay
Flip the Penny Football Scramble
Fox and Hounds Fox Hunt
Frisbee Golf Frog or Kangaroo Relay
Fuzz Stick Relay Giants, Elfs, and Wizards
Gooey Gobble Grab Five
Group Push Guardian
High Adventure Race Hit the Bucket
Hoop on a Loop Human Compass
Human Foosball Human Ladder Race
I Am Mr. Smith I'm Taking
Infinite Dodgeball John Henry Relay
Jump the Shot Kangaroo Tails
Kangaroo Wrestling Keys In a Can
Kim's Game Kim's Group Game
King Bat La Palma
Leg Pull Line Up
Liquid Chain Log Sawing Relay
Long, Short, Round Relay Make It Up Relay
Making Change Relay Manhunt
Math Masters Monkey in the Middle
Monster Hunt Mousetrap Minefield
Mud Wallow Mule Relay
Natural Selection Nature Boulles
Naval Combat Newspaper Basketball
Night Infiltration No Man's Land
Palm Push Paper Tennis
Paul Revere Relay Peglegged Gauntlet
Perpetual Motion Balls Photo Memory
Ping Pong Knock Out Pitch Your Tent
Prison Dodgeball Pruie
Pure Luck Relay Quarter Dodge Ball
Race to the Whistle Raiders Tag
Rainy Day Gold Raise the Flag
Ready for Winter Rescue Race
Rock Paper Scissors Rope Golf
Running the Blockade Sardine Tag
Scout Law Relay Scout Pace Race
Scrambled Sayings Seahorse Wars
Secret Message Delivery Secret Message Relay
Shark! Shoot Out
Shooting Fish in a Barrel Signal the Message
Sitting Ducks Smugglers
Spaghetti Stretch Sponge Relay
Staff Run Staff Stories
Stalking Steal the Bacon
Steal the Treasure String Seek
Submarine Maneuvers Swat to the Gap
Sweets Relay Tail Grab
Team Challenge Team Knot Tying
Thiefs Three Step Relay
Three-Way Soccer Three-way Tug-of-War
Tin Can Relay Toe Fencing
Trash Ball Turtle Soccer
Twist Stick Two-man Relay
Ultimate Frisbee Ultra Tug of War
War Cards Water Balloon Volleyball
Water Brigade Water Transport
We Like ... But We Don't Like ... Which Patch Is It?
Woods War Work Up
Yanks and Rebels