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Boy Scout Troop 319
(La Crescenta, California)
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"Once an Eagle always an Eagle." The effects of the experiences that are had while on your adventure through the scouting program are irreplaceable. The things that are learned along the way leave a lasting impression on the rest of your life. In many cases this impression allows you to soar above the rest achieving amazing things.


Notable Eagle Scouts

 Neil Armstrong*  Steve Fossett*  Ben Nelson
 First man on the moon  World-record holder; first to
 circumnavigate Earth solo in
 a balloon and an airplane
 U.S. Senator from Nebraska
 Willie Banks  Chan Gailey  H. Ross Perot
 Olympic athlete, former
 world-record holder in triple
 jump and long jump
 College and professional
 football coach
 Founder of EDS and Perot
 Systems; former Presidential
 Michael Bloomberg  John Garamendi  Rick Perry
 Mayor of New York City  Lieutenant Governor of
 Governor of Texas
 Guion “Guy” S. Bluford Jr.  Bill Gates Sr.  Beasley Reece
 Retired U.S. Air Force officer
 and space shuttle astronaut;
 first African American in
 CEO of Bill and Melinda
 Gates Foundation; father of
 Bill Gates
 Former NFL player and
 Bill Bradley  Robert Gates  Mike Rowe
 Former professional basketball
 player, U.S. Senator, and
 Presidential candidate
 U.S. Secretary of Defense and
 former Director of the Central
 Intelligence Agency
 Host of “Dirty Jobs”
 television program
 Stephen Breyer  Michael Kahn  Donald Rumsfeld
 Associate Justice of the U.S.
 Supreme Court
 Academy Award–winning
 film editor
 Former U. S. Secretary
 of Defense
 Mike Crapo  James A. Lovell Jr.  Mark Sanford
 U.S. Senator from Idaho  Former U.S. Navy officer
 and Apollo 13 commander
 Governor of South Carolina
 William C. DeVries, M.D.  Gary Locke Jefferson Sessions
 Surgeon and educator;
 transplanted the first
 artificial heart
 Former Governor of
 Washington; first Chinese
 American Governor in the
 United States
 U.S. Senator from Alabama
 Michael Dukakis  Richard G. Lugar  William S. Sessions
 Former Governor of
 Massachusetts and
 Presidential candidate
 U.S. Senator from Indiana  Former Federal Judge and
 Director of the FBI
 Mike Enzi  J. Willard Marriott Jr.  John Tesh
 U.S. Senator from Wyoming  Chairman and CEO of
 Marriott International
 Recording artist and
 Thomas Foley  Wynton Marsalis  Togo West
 Former Speaker of the U.S.
 House of Representatives and
 Ambassador to Japan
 Jazz trumpeter and composer  Former U.S. Secretary of
 Veterans Affairs and Secretary
 of the Army
 Gerald R. Ford*  George Meyer  
 38th President of the
 United States
 Writer and producer of
 “The Simpsons”







National Eagle Scout Association 2008 Eagle Scout Directory

Our Troop's Eagles

 1967  1987  2001  2011
 Dennis Rios  Kevin Trapp  Brandon Smith  Brock Hendricks
 David Kunkle  Fred Koegler III  Robert Orozko  Matthew Williams
   Brett Gladish    Daniel Verde
 1968    2002  David Owens
 George Hugo  1988  Daniel Lim  Brandon Baum
 Greg Vinger  Mitchell Conover  Joshua Gardner  Forest Hunt
     Michael Kelsey  
 1969  1989  Aren Knighton  2012
 William Koskie  Terry Baker  Jeremy Acord  Daniel Chang
 Randy Howarth  Peter Lewallen  Ian McLeod  Weston Foote
 Ron Taylor  Doug Jones  Raymond Pai  Logan Rosselet
   Michael B Lingan  Timothy Gordon  Tyler Protzko
 1970    Chris Baker  Bryan Ghoslin
 Alan Halling  1990    
 Arthur Lamensdorf  Jonas Eneberg  2003  
 Dennis Bentley  Brent Appleton  Kyu Min  
     James Costanzo  
 1971  1991  Kevin Corrigon  
 Mark Plummer  Kevin Grigg    
   Elbert Hughes  2004  
 1976  Sean Rooney  Cameron Lievense  
 Mark Lamensdorf  Ryan Serote  Quinn Scriptor  
 Marco Costales  Travis Johansen  Michael Thompson  
     Daniel Kelsey  
 1978  1992  Nathan Mendelsohn  
 Mitchell Scaff  Lyle T Koegler  Jonathon Douglass  
 Steven Case  Karl Erickson  Colin Freidenberger  
 Mike Norris  Paul Chatem    
 Ken Case  Thomas D Larsen  2005  
 Patrick Fielder    Kyle Ranous  
   1993  Daniel Gordon  
 1980  Chris Snow  Michael Smirke  
 Kevin Draper  Biagio Dull  Benjamin Henry  
 Michael Eneberg  Scott Hodin  Christopher Blume  
 Greg Johansen    John Blume  
   1994  Christian Nelson  
 1981  Ken Rabe    
 Eric Scaff  Alvaro Matos  2006  
   Richard Trenholme  Collin Lievense  
 1983    Michael Trenholme  
 Stephen Swenson  1997  David Khudaverdyan  
   Phillip Casalengo  Todd Hessick  
 Paul Eneberg  1998  2007  
 Allan Hermansen  Jeff Primus  Shane Garside  
   Kraig Erickson  Richie Steenken  
 1985  Jeffrey Mayeux  Kurt Freidenberger  
 Daniel Scaff  Jeffrey Beckman    
   Scott Larson  2009  
 1986    Michael A Lessley  
 Mike Conover  2000  Matthew T Lessley  
 Brian Ploszaj  Keith Rozett    
 John Stultz II    2010  
 Jeff Lewallen    Scott Ackerman  
 Marlan Proctor    Victor Jara